Going to the gym should be an empowering time dedicated to self-improvement and connecting with yourself. But we know that isn’t always the case. In-between a hectic morning commute, lugging a gym bag around, and fighting against the weather, sometimes it’s not quite as effective as you’d hope.

That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of Pre and Post Gym Beauty Hacks, to help streamline your day!


  • Plait your hair.

No time to wash your hair post work-out? Don’t just chuck it into a ponytail- plait your hair instead!

Braids are stronger and will do a better job of holding your hair in place, whilst any heat or moisture you build up will help to set the braids, resulting in lovely loose waves when you take them out. Not to mention, you’ll also avoid that dreaded ponytail dent.

  • Use dry shampoo.

Hair not long enough for braids? Dry shampoo is your new best friend.

It’s a common tip to use it after exercise, however, the best trick is to apply it before! The dry shampoo will get to work the entire time, and once you’ve finished your workout, a quick blast from the hair dryer will rid you of any moisture and disperse the dry shampoo throughout your hair.

  • Take your make-up off.

As you exercise, your pores open up in order to release sweat. Makeup can form a pore blocking barrier on your skin, leading to a congesting mix of makeup, oil and perspiration that can result in spots, blackheads or irritation.

Skip the make up and save yourself time (and money) in covering your skin in the future. Your pores will thank you for it!

  • Wear gym-proof makeup.

If you prefer wearing makeup, make sure it won’t let you down.

Waterproof or clear mascara will prevent those pesky black smears, and oil-free, lightweight foundation/ BB cream is the least likely to cause any skin troubles.

During Gym

  • Use deodorant wipes

Don’t have time for a post gym shower? No judgement here- deodorant wipes will sort you out.

Instead of using a towel to mop up sweat, deodorant wipes will work the hardest, effectively wicking away moisture and odorous bacteria, leaving you smelling and feeling fresh.

These are only to be used in the tightest of times however. Got to think of the planet!

  • Deep condition your hair.

Believe it or not, the gym is the perfect time for an indulgent hair treatment – just not the proper gunky stuff (unless you don’t mind the stares!)

Spritz a lightweight, hydrating formula into your locks, scrape them back and let it get to work. The heat you generate will open up your hair cuticles, and the product can better penetrate each strand.

  • Use hand-sanitizer.

Whilst your pores are open, you don’t want germs getting in there. Try to avoid touching your face during your workout, or better yet, keep a hand sanitizer on… hand.


  • Take a cold shower.

Yep. Embrace the freeze. It’ll help lower your core body temperature, stop you from sweating and reduce redness in the skin.

If you can’t brave a full cold shower, go for an icy blast right at the end.

  • Exfoliate

Post-gym is a great time to exfoliate due to your opened pores. This makes it the perfect time to wash away dirt, bacteria, and impurities.

If you’re a gym junkie, make sure you don’t do this every time! Over exfoliating can cause inflammation and exacerbate acne. Once every 2-3 days should be more than enough.

  • Moisturise immediately after stepping out of the shower.

The earlier you moisturise, the more time your skin has to absorb the product, and the less likely you’ll struggle into jeans with sticky skin! Also, the product will absorb any moisture left on your skin, leaving you feeling even silkier.

  • Use lotion to remove panda eyes.

Double up your product usage with moisturiser as a makeup remover. Any mascara or eyeliner smears can be quickly removed with a dot of lotion on a cotton swab, or the corner of your towel.

  • Opt for creamy makeup.

Post workout skin can seem a bit sticky, which can make powder foundations, bronzers or blush sit on the skin a little awkwardly. Creamy foundations, blush, or contour sticks can blend easier on the skin, for a more natural finish.

  • Use multi-purpose products.

Streamline your gym bag and minimise the time spent finding things. Vaseline as a lip balm and highlight. Lip stain that doubles up as a blush. The same powder for brows and eyeshadow. The list is endless!

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