The quality of your sleep has many impactful effects on your performance, health and day-to-day energy.

Here are 6 simple tips to improve sleep quality:

1. Keep regular hours

Go to bed at the same time every night and forget the notion that you can play catch up one day each week.

2. Sleep in a cool room

By decreasing body temperature and regulating room temperature you can create an environment that will sustain good quality sleep. The ideal room temperature for sleep is just 15-16 degrees. Out of the 6 simple tips to improve sleep quality this may be the hardest to manage but it is still a key factor in quality sleep.

3. Make your bedroom an oasis for sleep

Great quality sleep can easily be affected by noise and light, so, make your bedroom as dark and as quiet as possible.

    1. Switch off electrical devices that have a standby light on.
    2. Even the smallest amount of light can create a sensory marker in the brain that disturbs quality sleep; therefore it is vital to establish the best sleep cave.
    3. The darker the bedroom the more likely you are to gain quality sleep. Consider your window dressing ensuring that streetlight or early morning sun does not disturb your 8+ hours.

The changes are well worth it and may be profound upon your recovery, health and day-to-day energy.

4. Consider supplementing magnesium

This mineral is vital in aiding stress hormone management and therefore assists your ability to relax by resetting insulin sensitivity. Magnesium is also a catalyst in resetting adrenal health through the cortisol/ insulin connection. The best way to supplement magnesium is topically, add 500g magnesium flakes to your late night warm bath and feel the effortless relaxation that comes from a balanced hormonal profile.

5. Eat better

Our diets have a significant impact upon our daily rhythm, routine and performance. Meals high in carbohydrates may increase serotonin production (the neurotransmitter responsible for a calm, happy and relaxed state of mind), but, with a higher carbohydrate intake you are running the risk of destabilising your blood glucose and waking at 3am as a natural reaction to low blood glucose. Foods that are high in essential fats will aid in establishing a constant blood glucose level, which is beneficial because the body will be able to go into a fasted state while slow releasing energy is generated for metabolic function.

To find the approach that works best for you, experiment, those with robust metabolic flexibility will benefit from the serotonin production of a higher carbohydrate meal, if your yet to establish metabolic flexibility, it may suit you to have your last meal be richer in protein, essential fats and lighter in carbohydrates to stabilise your blood glucose and avoid the 3 am hunger call.

6. Exercise!

Exercise can improve quality of sleep and duration of sleep. There is a number of different ways exercise improves quality of sleep. For example, it tires you out, helps to reduce stress & anxiety. Are you interested in giving exercise a go? Why not try a 3 Day Free Pass with Wirral Leisure? Click here to sign up today: 3 Day Free Pass


Happy resting everyone!

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