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We offer all Run in Wirral sessions for just £2 per session (free of charge for Invigor8 members)

Get fit and healthy with these affordable classes throughout the week, across the Wirral.

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Session Times & Venues

Monday All levelsClaughton Village6:00pm - 7:00pm Julie / Sharon / Pam
Monday All levelsWest Kirby Concourse 6:30pm - 7:30pmFi/Jen/Mike/Dave/Deb/Lee Ann
TuesdayAll levelsWest Kirby Concourse9:30am - 10:30amDave Mc/Andrew
WednesdayAll levelsOval Leisure Centre
6:15pm - 7:15pm
ThursdayAll levelsWest Kirby Concourse
9:30am - 10:30am
Dave Mc/Andrew/Lesley
SaturdayAll Levels inc walking groupBirkenhead Park9:45am - 10:45amFi/Jane /Debbie/Kim/Pat/Les/Caroline/Di/Pete/Ali/ Gaynor

If you would like any more information or would like a chat about any of the sessions, please ring Fiona on 0776 967 4718


Run in Wirral – Wirral Running Groups – All Ages and Abilities Welcome

If you have a Wirral Invigor8 Membership (Golf Membership not included) then your sessions are FREE. Just bring along your membership card so we can take your number. If you don’t have an Invigor8 membership then don’t panic – each session costs £2!

We have very friendly qualified run leaders who are here to help you start running or improve your running. All our run leaders are supportive and know exactly when to give you a little push!

Read How We Have Changed Lives

My running journey started long before I joined the Run in Wirral Group, but running is now so much more rewarding than before when I was a lone runner! I'm well past my best as an athlete but thoroughly enjoy being able to be a run leader and I help others, wherever possible. This group of people are so much more than just fellow runners. They are also an unbelievably strong support network when things aren't going well. It's a beautiful thing to be a part of!
I had one previous attempt, several years ago, to complete the Couch to 5k on my own, but this was unsuccessful as I sustained a significant injury. “Running's not for me” I thought, but after retiring from work I was keen to improve physical fitness.

Although I can be persuaded into a gym, I've always preferred being outdoors and so my thoughts turned again to running and I decided to try running with a group this time. I did feel apprehensive as I'm in my 60s now, not particularly fit and I was worried that my inexperience and slow pace would hold others in the group back.

However, Fiona was very reassuring and encouraged me to come along to the group and take things at my pace. I've found the group to be really friendly, inclusive and encouraging. We're all at different levels in the group; some walk, some run and occasionally walk, some run at a pretty fast pace and do lots of hills! However, I've found it easy to find my level and be part of the group.

The run leaders gently encourage, never judge and no one is ever left behind. The experience of running with a group has provided the motivation for me to push myself physically, as it's good to be able to keep up, plus the leaders are very adept at sneaking the odd hill in! However, even if I don't have a particularly good run, I never leave the session feeling defeated. My fitness and stamina have steadily improved since joining Run Wirral and it's been good for my general sense of wellbeing too.

I'm confident that I'll continue to progress and maybe get involved in local running events. I'm managing some runs on my own now, but my runs with Run Wirral are the most enjoyable, the ones I most look forward to and the ones where I manage to achieve the most.

I have always struggled with my weight, but I found when I moved in with my wife and I was in total control of meals and shopping was when it dramatically changed. Consequently, my weight ballooned up and I was out of control. For the next 15 years my weight had spiralled out of control going up and up. My self-esteem and confidence took a serious knock I didn't go out of an evening after work or at weekends.
The turning point came on my 40th birthday; I was sitting directly across from my sister who I might add has had a personal issue with weight and at the time I think she had lost around 6-7 stone and looked amazing! I sat there and ‘wow if she can do it then I can!’
I decided to make a big change in my diet and organised to join nutritionist programme to help me come up with a plan. The first week was a baptism of fire calorie intake was right down and I was supping water constantly whilst I was battling cravings. In the first week I dropped 10lb it felt and by week 3 I think I had smashed my initial target of 2 stone!
My energy levels were picking up and I was starting to rebuild my life doing more with my family instead of making excuses. I felt a lot better as more weight came off even in work, I was able to walk around the site a lot easier. I have now reached a target weight of just under 13st a staggering 100lb+ weight loses in just on 2years. This has been an incredible journey to one that I thank my consultant and of course my new circle of friends at Run In Wirral who without them I wouldn't of succeeded!
It has been a journey to say the least I'm a totally different person with a new outlook on life I can honestly say I feel like I have been released from solitary confinement where I have been for 10+ years!
I joined the running group not long after I moved from the Southwest. I'm not a professional runner so was not sure if the group was for me. I quickly found an incredible group with Run in Wirral, who were so nice and very welcoming! They have different groups for different abilities/running paces. For each group there is a coach available so you will not be left alone. The running routes are different every week so you will never be bored! Great for exercising and for socialising.
My running journey started in 2009. I had spent the previous Christmas lying on the sofa, watching tv and eating chocolate. In the new year I got on the scales and thought “Yikes”! I had been a member of a dancing school from the age of 9 until the age of 40 when unfortunately the school closed and I hadn’t actually replaced that activity with anything.

I decided to give running a try, so after pulling on an old tracksuit I had lurking at the back of my wardrobe and a pair of trainers I ventured out. I ran to the end of my road, turned left and ran to the next corner and that was it. I was out of breath. Not being totally put off I did increase my distance over the following days so eventually I could get right around the block.

I needed some sort of goal for motivation so I entered the “Race for Life”. My only aim at that time was to get round without stopping

I continued training and increasing my distance but this was caught short when unfortunately my husband died and I didn’t run for 3 weeks. I then realised that I had to make a decision whether I was going to continue to run or not. I thought that If I didn’t I would regret it later so I decided to continue. I remember thinking at the time that it was the hardest thing I had ever done but was surprised that I ran it in approximately 30 mins.

After this I was uncertain where to go next. Fortunately the office where I worked needed a fourth member for their Corporate Cup team (which was a 5k race). I jumped at the chance and after this race I was now hooked.

I began to search for other 5k races. I ran the Liverpool Santa Dash and the Wirral Seaside Races. It was during the latter that I met a mother and daughter who were members of “Run in Wirral” I had seen this advertised and was thinking of joining. They told me all about it and by the time I got back to the car park (which was a 3 mile walk back from the finish line) they had sold it to me.

A short time later I attended my first session with Run in Wirral. I was really nervous but everyone was so friendly I immediately felt welcome. My legs felt like jelly at the end of the first night but over time this disappeared as my fitness increased. Over time I increased my racing distances to running in 5 miles races, 10k and half marathons.

During this time I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. One thing my doctor said to me was “Don’t stop running” which I must admit was a relief. I also attend a gym for weight training and also attend a zumba class to mix things up a bit and it’s also great fun.

I also joined an affiliated running club alongside the Run in Wirral sessions which enabled me to take part in Borders league races and cross country. My first cross country race was a bit of a disaster though as I fell into a ditch. I scrambled my way out and carried on but was covered in mud from the neck down. When I reached the finish line the officials stopped me so they could scrape the mud off me so they could see what number I was wearing. I reckon if there had been a prize for the muddiest runner I would have been on for the gold.

When I was approaching my 60th birthday I was having dinner with some running buddies when they asked me if I was setting myself a challenge to mark my 60th birthday. I said that I would like to become a run leader. It would be a way of giving something back and encouraging others and helping them to discover the benefits running has to offer. A course became available which I went on and qualified 2 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I have met so many amazing people all with different stories and goals.

Lesley Anne
Lesley Anne
Run Leader
My running journey started back in 2010, aged 54, after losing weight & improving my fitness with the help of a personal trainer. I had been grossly overweight & whilst on holiday one year & not being able to haul my own bodyweight into a dinghy & struggling to get the safety belt over my tummy on a plane, I recognised something had to change. I started on a treadmill at first but wanted more & with my new found confidence joined the running group at Birkenhead Park. My first run leader was Kirsten & she made me feel most welcome. The sessions were fun, challenging & got me motivated to do more & I made some great friends. Since then I have visited most of the groups available at West Kirby, Bebington Oval , Birkenhead & Wallasey. I have always found the leaders encouraging, the groups inclusive no matter what your level & very social & friendly. I am a slogger/jogger usually towards or at the back of the group but never feel left out.
Over the following years I completed several running events with the groups, 10ks, 5ks & even a half marathon finishing last in some of them but it didn’t matter. What mattered was being able to finish & get the biggest cheer.
The groups arent just about running though, they can give you mental well being. The friendships made, the fresh air, being part of something has helped me mentally through some difficult times. Back in 2018, I lost my husband very suddenly & my world fell apart. I could of turned quite easily into a recluse but the running “family” got me out the door & running & mixing again. That certainly helped me through those dark days. Then back in 2020 during the covid year, I was diagnosed with a heart condition & had major heart surgery between the lockdowns. Even remotely the running team supported me & spurred me on to a great recovery. 3.5 years on from that, now aged 68 I am still running, walking, talking at Birkenhead each Saturday & also get involved in other Active Wirral exercise on offer. Joining Run In Wirral was one of the best decisions I made. It lead me to want to give something back so I now volunteer as a walk leader too & the future is bright.